Blog “Do whatever Jesus tells you to do”

“Do whatever Jesus tells you to do”

1 Corinthians 8:6 (NLT) says “There is one God, the Father, by whom all things were created, and for whom we live. And there is one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things were created, and through whom we live.”

Many people find it unreasonable that God would provide only one way for man to get into heaven, which is His house. Someone once told me that we Christians should not put God in a box. Others would even say, “If God is truly loving, then He should provide multiple ways for people to be reconciled to Him.” Well, indeed God is loving and John 3:16 says, He wants everyone to have a relationship with Him. But to enter His house is not an issue about His love but an issue about being proper. Let me explain this.

If I want to go inside your house, can I decide which door to use? If you tell me to use the front door but I insist on going through the rear, wouldn’t you feel disrespected? How about if I decide to make my own way to get inside, like say, by digging a hole or going through a window, wouldn’t you feel insulted, even violated? Will it then be right for me to say that you are being unreasonable and rude if you get angry? Of course not! If the world believes that the owner has the right to decide how his guests should enter his house, why then do we force God to do otherwise?

If God says we should pass through His Son Jesus to enter Heaven, shouldn’t we respect that because we are only being invited to His house? Because of this, I realize that God is not really being narrow-minded about how He wants people to enter His place. Because as Owner, He has every right to be so! It would be rude for anyone to insist that He accept their ways and not follow His. Thus, if anyone wants a god to accept his way, he might as well just look for a god who thinks the same way he does.

Even Mary supported this. Though she was chosen to mother the Son of God, she told the people during the wedding at Cana, “Do whatever Jesus tells you to do”. She said this because she knew that God the Father has chosen Jesus to be the door by which we can enter heaven. As we celebrate the lenten season, let us honor God by doing what He wants us to do and not insist on what we want Him to be.