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What is Nationalism?

As we celebrate the independence of the Philippines, I cannot help but wonder why we are so divided as a nation. Ironically though, everyone claims to love the country. Even those who rebel against the government claim that they only do what they do because of this love and are just doing so to protect our nation.

What is nationalism? Is it about love for our country and our fellowmen? If this is so, then why are we fighting each other and why is there so much division amongst us? Honestly, I have no answers to these questions, but I would like to share with you my personal view on this.

‘Nationalism’ for me, is to love the country that God gave me. John 3:27 says, “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given him from heaven.” I was born a Filipino because God decided to make me one. He placed me here not because it is the best country in the world but because it is the best place for me.

So why am I here? I am here because God entrusted a portion of this country to me. This is where He gave me a land and a business to steward for Him. Therefore, if I truly love God, I will love all that He gives me and I must do my best to keep the garden He has entrusted to me. And as I take care of my portion, I must also try to influence others to take good care of their own portions too, so that, together, we can make this the best country for the Lord.

Thus, ‘nationalism’ for me is to love this country because I love the Lord. I will take care of it and love the Filipinos because this is what He wants me to do. I will support the government and its drive for justice because Deuteronomy 6 says it is justice that will bring peace to the land. I really believe you cannot be truly nationalistic if you do not love God and not take care of the things He entrusted to you.