Blog What is a good business to get into?

What is a good business to get into?

People always ask me, “What is a good business to get into?” And with regards to farming, “What is a good crop to grow?” It seems people are always looking for a business with a sure market and assured profit. Actually, I used to think this way, until I learned the ways of the plant and the ways of the Lord.

I have since realized that a plant starts life with what it has, and its seed determines the kind of plant it will become. You can not grow apple trees from mango seeds, and mango trees can only grow in tropical places. Thus, in deciding what business to pursue, I believe the question we should first ask is, “What do I have and where am I now?”

From these I learned that, what we have is a clue to what God wants us to do, or the business He wants us to pursue. According to Matthew 25:14 and 15, He has entrusted us with talents which He expects us to use and grow by using our abilities. Genesis 1:28 tells us that God has blessed man even before He told him to become fruitful. In other words, God wants us to produce an abundance by using the resources He has given us.

So, if you are asking these questions, “What is a good business to get into? Or what is a good crop to grow?” Maybe you will find your answer when you ask the questions, “What do I have today and where am I now?” Because it is always cheaper to start with what you have and God will always reward those who faithfully use what He has entrusted to them.

Are you struggling with the business or job God has given you today? Are you frustrated with the many challenges you need to overcome? If you to stay put and decide to be diligent, I believe you can succeed in whatever you have to do.