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Salesman's Journey To Fruitfulness

Being a sales professional is one of the best opportunities in business because you get a chance to earn an entrepreneur’s income without setting up your own company. While this is an important benefit, it is often why many people fail. They tend to focus too much on the income. In the process, they fail to give enough importance to managing the sales process and developing the mindset of an entrepreneur.

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To succeed in this profession, one needs to realize that a good salesperson is not born but developed. Most of the people who join this profession are not ready since nobody goes to college dreaming of being in sales. Most people can become good sales professionals, but they need to approach this opportunity with the right expectations.

This program aims to help salespeople develop an entrepreneurial mindset. An entrepreneur seeks to create opportunities from the resources he has, to produce the income he wants. In the same way, a sales professional must create opportunities from the relationships he has, to generate the income he desires. If he wants to exceed his
target, he must spend time building more relationships.

This program is made up of four zoom-based lessons designed to be delivered one lesson a week. This gives the participants time to discuss what they have learned in small group meetings. The lessons in this program are:

  1. The Purpose Of Business 

  2. The Responsibilities of a Salesman 

  3. The Evolution of an Entrepreneur 

  4. The Important Traits of An Entrepreneur


1. Purpose Of Business.

You will not earn an entrepreneur’s income if you approach your business with the wrong purpose in mind. If you are just there to make money so that you can spend it, you will not be able to build a resilient and profitable business. This module will show that doing business is about developing your abilities to use the resources you have already to create opportunities to produce wealth.

2. The Responsibilities of Stewards.

Business is about creating opportunities from the things you have already. To succeed, you must develop the heart and mind of a faithful steward. This module aims to explain the responsibilities you need to keep to protect and grow the resources entrusted to you.

3. Evolution of An Entrepreneur.

A good salesperson is not born but made. This is true for entrepreneurs as well. The skills you need to become good are things you need to develop; they cannot be bought or acquired from schools. This module aims to help people understand what they need to do so they can transform from being ordinary to being an effective entrepreneur.

4. Essential Traits Of Entrepreneurs.

The Purpose Of Business explains that a business grows because of its abilities, or roots, not because of money. Abilities have two components, skills and character. We can learn skills in schools, but character is something you need to consciously develop as we encounter problems and challenges in our business. In this module, we will show the character traits an entrepreneur must have so that he can persevere and succeed in his venture. You see, skills are useless if a person does not have the proper character to complement them.

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