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Where Is God In This Pandemic

If God is omnipresent, then He has been with us even before this happened. So, why isn't He doing anything about it? Doesn't He have the power to stop this pandemic? If He is omnipotent, then He can destroy the virus anytime, if He wants to. So, why is He allowing it to persist? If He is omniscient, then He is allowing it for a good reason, and it is not to harm us but to protect us.

Protect us from what?

Is it possible that God has not acted because we have been asking the wrong questions and praying for the wrong things? We have been asking Him to remove the virus, but do you know that viruses, fungi and bacteria play essential roles in nature. According to Genesis 1, everything God created is good, including the micro-organisms that have been causing our pain. If this is so, then why are they causing so many deaths?

Is it possible that humanity has done something wrong to cause this pandemic?

But since we feel God is not acting, we have asked science to create a vaccine to fight off the virus. But do you know a vaccine for COVID 19 will only work for COVID 19, and not for the other viruses that may attack us in the future? So if we rely on vaccines, we will have to make more potent ones to solve future pandemics. Experts in agriculture have taken this approach in dealing with the diseases that attack crops and livestock. But this strategy has not eliminated the pests in farming; instead it has produced deadlier diseases as these organisms mutates. I believe this will also happen to viruses if we approach them this same way.

Do you know that viruses, fungi, and bacteria live in harmony in a healthy ecosystem? I know this because when we built our forest, we saw our pest problems drop dramatically to the point where we can now do away with pesticides for our plants and vaccines for our livestock. But this was not so when we started 22 years ago.

During our earlier days, whenever we encounter pest problems, I would fall on my knees and plead for God to remove them. But He never answered this type of prayer. When these problems persisted, I would change my prayer to, "Lord, why are these happening? Is there something I am doing that has caused it? Can you show me where the pests are coming from and help me to manage your business according to Your ways?" And this is a prayer He always answers. He would send me people to give me new insights and lead me to information helping me understand how nature works. Since then, we have been using pest problems as a barometer to know how well we are complying with the laws of nature.

Why doesn't God destroy the virus and end this pandemic? Because if He does this, we will just go back to our old normal. When we do, we will create more viruses which would result to deadlier epidemics. So why doesn't God force us to change our ways? Because He is a gentle God, who will never force His way on anyone. Because He knows that if He does this, we will resent Him after. So He waits for us to accept our flaws and have the desire to change our ways, so that when He helps us we will appreciate Him more and accept His ways better.

Where is God in this pandemic? He is here with us, watching in pain as He sees many people die unnecessarily. What is He protecting us from? From ourselves, and from our foolish ways! As a Father, He wants to remove our pains, but He can only do this when we are ready to change our ways and accept His solutions. We should let 2 Chronicles 15:2 guide us, “The Lord is with you when you are with Him. And if you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you."

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