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I Told You Do Not Quit, Tingnan Mo, Lugi Ka Tuloy!!!!

Remember my blog about not quitting when your boss gets angry? Well, despite all the reasons I gave why one should not quit when their boss gets angry, one person reacted by saying, “I left a high paying job because of my boss, kasi he does not deserve my service.” Noong nabasa ko ito, nalungkot ako. Ang feeling ko, the person allowed his boss to rob him of a good job, a job that may provide him a secured future - kasi it was a high paying job. He gave his boss the power to make his life miserable without his boss knowing it. I counseled many friends who wanted to resign 3 to 5 years before their retirement because their new boss was a pain in the… They were ready to forfeit their retirement to restore peace in their lives. I told them that peace is not the absence of trouble, but the decision to be joyful and thankful in a storm. I told them that if they leave, the company will benefit because it can save the money they are supposed to pay those who retire.  When you leave because you feel your boss does not deserve your service, akala mo naisahan mo sya?. The opposite is, in fact, more real. When you quit, you give your boss the chance to find someone he feels is better; someone who may appreciate the job you gave up. So sino ang talo? What you thought will hurt your boss may make him happy. Eh, paano ka naman? Sana, you will find a better paying job and a boss who deserves you. Do not give anyone the power to rob you of an opportunity to have a promising future? Humble yourself and be obedient to the people you serve because this will prepare you to be a good leader. You see, you cannot ask others something you are not willing to do. You cannot ask the people who may someday serve you to be respectful if you cannot respect the authorities you have today. Are you ready to quit because your boss got angry? Don’t! Wait. Think about it carefully. Maybe your circumstances are just teaching you to be a better follower so that you can someday become an excellent leader. If you like to reread the first two articles, click the links below:

Fruits are not meant to be kept, the plant uses them to bless those around it. Let's be like plants, share this message with those who may be blessed by it, especially your family and friends.

Happy reading!

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Keep safe. Stay healthy. And, be fruitful,

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