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What people learn during this pandemic - Part 2

The second answer that struck me about what people learned during this pandemic is that many enjoy the opportunity to re-learn the basics (like cooking), discover hidden talents, and learn new skills. They were able to do this because of the spare time they have in their hands.

So this made me wonder, what kind of people would we be if we had spent less time in the malls and with social media, and more time learning new skills and developing our talents? Will we be more progressive as a nation?

But the malls and social media represent progress, diba? So, if we spend less time in them, baka hindi tayo makacompete in the global market! I am not saying both are bad; I am just asking, “What if?”

Pero alam mo, whenever I hear a mall being opened in a provincial city, I cannot help but feel sad. I know kasi it will disrupt the lives of people and rob families of time to bond. People will stop going to the beach and having picnics in the park because the malls offer more options and naka aircon pa.

But I noticed, when a family arrives in the mall, the members will go their separate ways. Papa will go to the coffee shop, Mama to the grocery, and the children to the movie house or internet shops. The only time they bond is when they eat lunch or dinner. But even that becomes complicated because each member has his or her personal preference. Mabuti pa sa beach, everyone will be forced to bond because of their limited choices.

Some people said that they are now more productive. So naisip ko, did God allow this calamity to give us time to learn new skills and develop our talents. But what good will these things do?

When Steve Jobs decided to drop out of college, he also chose to drop into certain subjects he found interesting. One of them was calligraphy. While taking it, Steve said he did not know where he will use his new talent in the future because calligraphy was a dying art. But when Apple built its first personal computer, Jobs insisted on incorporating the fonts he learned to allow people to enjoy their experience with their computers. It became one of the differentiators of the Macintosh, which Microsoft copied later. And then he said, “You can only connect the dots backward!”

While we can only connect the dots backward, there is someone who can connect our dots forward, and His name is God. Bible says that He has a beautiful plan for each of us, but I believe He can only implement them when we have acquired the abilities that would match the opportunities He has prepared for our future.

So do not waste this time feeling sorry for all the opportunities you have lost. Instead, use the excess time you have to develop new skills and grow abilities so that you may be ready when God sets in motion the plans He has prepared for you.

Fruits are not meant to be kept, the plant uses them to bless those around it. Let's be like plants, share this message with those who may be blessed by it, especially your family and friends.

Happy reading!

Always feel free to let me know what you think.

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