Blog “And Moses did just as the Lord commanded!”

“And Moses did just as the Lord commanded!”

If we pray for God’s presence instead of just His blessings, as Moses did, what then is our part in this? Is there something we should do to prepare for His presence? From Exodus to Deuteronomy, Moses showed us an example to follow. In these books, it was often said, “And Moses did just as the Lord commanded!”

Most people want God to walk with them yet are not willing to do whatever He tells them to do. When they do not like a particular commandment, some would say, “Ay, hindi yan pwede, Lord.” Like for example, some wives will not submit to their husbands when they feel their husbands are not worth respecting. More so, there are Christian businessmen who believe they will not survive if they completely follow what the Bible tells them to do. Today, many Filipinos struggle to submit to our present government because it does not conform to their idea of good governance; this, in spite of what God said in Romans 13, that He has established all authority and so expects us to subject ourselves to them.

Thus, if we pray for God’s presence in our lives, then we must be ready to respond as Moses did — by doing things just as the Lord commanded. As such, we should give Him the right to decide where we should go and what we must do. We should not dictate to Him what we want or how we want things to happen. Instead, we should always willing to adjust to His plans and be sensitive to His leading, because they always turn out to be what’s best for us! That is why, spending Quiet Time with God everyday is extremely important because this is when we receive His instructions and also His leading.

How did Moses lead 3,000,000 Jews through the desert for 40 years? The Bible says, “And Moses did just as the Lord commanded!” Friends, may we all follow his example so that God can use us to make this nation great.