Blog Life is not about the word “me,” instead it is about “WE”!

Life is not about the word “me,” instead it is about “WE”!

I recently learned that life is not about the word “me,” instead it is about “WE”!

I grew up believing that achieving my goals and ambitions should take top priority. I was taught that they give my life direction and achieving them will ensure me of a good future. But as I pursued my goals, I learned that I need other people to help me. While most of the people I worked with cooperated with me, there were those who added to my burden and those who challenged what I wanted to accomplish. So, in the past, I would either confront them or ram through them.

A couple of years ago, Philippians 2:3 to 4 confronted me when it said, “…with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.” My immediate response then was, “Why? Why should I have to look out for the interest of others? And why should I regard them as more important than myself?” These verses seem to suggest that I should sacrifice my goals for the sake of the welfare of others. Naisip ko tuloy, kung yung aking goals nga hirap na ako, proproblemahin ko pa ba yung sa iba? But because I promised to obey everything the Bible says I acted on what Philippians 2 said. And some amazing things started to happen.

When I made people feel important, they made me feel important in return. When I put their welfare before mine, they started to protect my interest as well. I learned that God did not want me to suffer when He asked me to serve the needs of others, instead He wanted me to see that people are basically good. He showed me that when you help others meet their goals, they will help you meet yours, and by protecting the “WE”, you are actually taking care of “me”!

May you all live according to the ways of the Lord because His ways will always be good, and they will bring many blessings into our lives.