Blog God can continue to make you fruitful

God can continue to make you fruitful

In my talks, I would always teach that God’s desire for us is that we become fruitful. In order to achieve this, He wants us to use whatever we have in our hands and continually grow them so that we can someday have more than enough for ourselves. And when that day comes, God wants us to use our overflow to bless others. I always encourage people to give from abundance and never from need, because like a plant, when it tries to give out fruits before the proper season, it dies prematurely.

One day I received a text from a dear friend who got bothered by what I was teaching. She asked, “Does this mean, Dong, you do not believe in sacrificial giving?” I was initially taken aback and felt embarrassed by her question. Kasi while I had given in times even when it hurts, I did not feel I have ever given sacrificially. So I spent some time contemplating on my motives, and after a week I went back to my friend to answer her question.

I told her, “Yes that’s right, I do not believe in sacrificial giving! Because whatever I give away is not mine, it is the Lord’s. The resources I use and the strength I have, they all came from Him! Therefore, the fruits that I produce and the things that I share are not mine. So I have no need to give sacrificially”.

I believe “giving” only becomes sacrificial when we give from what we own. But if we bear in mind that everything we have is the Lord’s, then giving becomes just a part of our responsibilities as His stewards. This holds true even with the idea of tithing. Most people struggle to tithe because they feel they are giving to the Lord. When the truth of the matter is, it was God who gave them the resources to become fruitful and the opportunity to be a blessing to others. He asks us to tithe to constantly remind us that He owns everything we have and that we are His channel of blessings to the world that needs Him.

May you all remain faithful, so that God can continue to make you fruitful!!!