Blog God can accomplish far greater things in our lives and businesses

God can accomplish far greater things in our lives and businesses

When the Jews sinned by worshiping a golden calf, Moses had to plead for their lives because God wanted to wipe out the whole nation of Israel. God also offered to make a new nation after Moses, which he refused. Instead, Moses reminded God of His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Because of these, the Lord relented and changed His mind. But He told Moses to proceed to the Promised Land without Him. Instead He promised to send His angels to protect and provide for them. He did not want to go with them because He said His anger might consume them.

Today, when Christians pursue major projects, they usually pray for God to bless them and send His angels to guide and protect them. These are normally enough for most people to move forward. Others would also call on the saints to intercede for them.

But for Moses, these were not enough! In Exodus 33:15, Moses told God that if He will not personally go with them, he will not move from his place. This prayer struck me! Kasi even with blessings and favor from angels, he still didn’t want to proceed. Moses insisted and pleaded for God to personally go with them. It then dawned on me. Why do we pray for God’s blessings when we can pray for His presence? Why do we settle for the protection of His angels and saints, when God is willing to do this Himself if only we obey His ways?

Friends, let me ask you, what great attributes did Moses have and what special skills did he possess that allowed him to lead around 3,000,000 people through the desert for 40 long years? Ang totoo nyan– wala! But he was able to do amazing things because instead of doing things for God, he would insist on doing them WITH God. I hope that we will be like Moses and pray as he did, so that God can accomplish far greater things in our lives and businesses.