After the first run of this program last June 2021, I had second thoughts of doing another run because most of my friends have attended already. I was afraid that no one would attend anymore. Hehehe.

But I have been getting a lot of inquiries from followers on Facebook and subscribers from YouTube. I guess this is because of the many good reviews we received from those who attended last June. 

So we decided to do the second run from October 16 to November 13, 2021. We chose to do it on Saturdays because many are business on Friday evening. The sessions will be from 7 pm to 9 pm.

I created this program to help Filipinos become successful entrepreneurs. I wish to help OFW grow the money they worked hard to save, teach retirees to protect the retirement funds they earn, guide entrepreneurs on what to do and what mistakes to avoid, and help established businesses develop an entrepreneurial spirit within their organization.

If you are any of these people, and you want to create a venture that will prosper you and bless others, join us for the second run of the Entrepreneur’s Journey To Fruitfulness.

Hear about Gemma's story.

"Kulang palagi sahod ko khit off ko wala bayad pag mag stay ako sa kanya. Sabi ng mga kaibigan ko iwanan ko na kc mdami nman pwd alagaan hindi pa mahirap tama pa sahod."


Testimonies of young entrepreneurs and business owners, that explains how The Entrepreneur’s Journey To Fruitfulness can help people succeed in business!!!

romano quilloy.png

Romano M. Quilloy,
Founder and Managing Director of VRTSystems Corporation 

Having attended the session on "Entrepreneurs' Journey to Fruitfulness, I must say that it is definitely an eye opening experience. The practical lessons are very simple and yet profound. Because it is coming from an actual "entreprende" the nuggets of truths I took note of can easily be applied in my business. Many say they recommend courses to help out the trainer. My suggestion is to help out my fellow entrepreneurs. I guarantee that you will benefit from the sessions greatly! Value for money? No! Worthwhile investment!


** Entreprendre is the origin of the word Entrepreneur, it is an old French word.

Maike Gatbonton.png

Maike Gatbonton,
CEO and Co-Founder of PAPA.ph, Victorious Food Products Mfg.

First of all, I would like to thank God for your life. He is indeed using you mightily to influence business people and entrepreneurs and the people who are aspiring to be one. May your tribe increase a hundred folds.


The recent seminar was one of the best investments I had for the past few years. I committed to myself that I will continuously sharpen my saw and look for opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and leadership. What I l took away from the webinar is beyond what I expected. The nuggets of wisdom I learned were really valuable to me. These lessons were already there, staring right in front of us because they were already written in the Bible. However, the wisdom of a teacher to relate the lessons to practical applications and apply it in a different perspective are the real takeaways. From the ways of the plant and the concept of retribution, I am amazed how these simple concepts can be a solid foundation for our business.


For those seeking to enhance and improve what you already have, Dodong Cacanando's webinar on Entrepreneurship will add great value to you and give you a solid foundation and perspective on what is right and what is important.


I look forward to more learnings from this great guro!

Angela Mancelita-Laput.png

Angela Mancelita-Laput,
Commercial Operations Head of MAN Shipping Agencies, Inc

I am in the shipping agency business owned by my father. It’s a small business and I basically work under operations and little of admin, finance, and recruitment. So, I am speaking both as an employee and a bit of as a business owner.


Cliche but I have no other adjective for the webinar



I am in a different industry but the principles that Sir Dodong were teaching in the webinar are timeless and highly relevant. It has actually DEBUNKED so many derailed millennial concepts of Entrepreneurship and Success that has caused so much anxiety, depression and frustrations to so many – including me!


Sir Dodong just smoothly explains the logic of things so well. Well-knit. Full of wisdom and grace. I’m in awe and very grateful that I was able to attend.


I highly recommend the webinar to business owners, employees, young professionals and much especially to the “Children of the Owner” who are lost. Try to attend and you might be found. I’m glad I did. You can verify thru my father.