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Entrepreneur’s Journey To Fruitfulness

This program was developed to help people create opportunities as COVID 19 robbed them of their jobs and businesses. We hope that this will help OFWs start their businesses so that they can come home sooner. And also help retirees understand how to grow the money they have saved so that they do not have to return to work again. But we found that many young adults need help in the businesses they established.


This program aims to explain what business is, in a simple and practical manner, so that people can approach it correctly. This training is based on my experience in the corporate world, the wisdom I found from the Bible, the things I learned from the ways of the plant, and the painful lessons I went through as an entrepreneur.


This program hopes to help people understand how to start and grow their businesses and show them that they do not need a lot of money in the beginning. What is more important is that they develop the ability to make more money from the money they have already.


I hope the wisdom the Lord allowed me to acquire will help people succeed and protect the money they invest in their businesses

This is made up of five zoom-based lessons designed to be delivered one lesson a week. This gives participants a week to ponder on the things they have learned and discuss these with others in small group meetings. The lessons in this program are:


  1. Entrepreneurship Defined

  2. The Purpose Of Business

  3. The Responsibilities of a Steward

  4. Building A Profitable Business

  5. The Important Traits of An Entrepreneur


1. Entrepreneurship Defined

Using the proper definition will lead you to the right actions while using the wrong one will lead to tragedy. Most people approach entrepreneurship using the modern-day definition of entrepreneurship is the ability to set up a business and take financial risks. Yet, this definition has led to having 8 of 10 start-ups fail in the first 18 months of their operations.


This module wishes to bring people back to the original definition of entrepreneurship, based on the French word entreprendre. It is the definition that guided the great entrepreneurs of our days

2. The Purpose Of Business

No matter how brilliant your idea may be, an entrepreneur will fail if he approaches business in the wrong way. By understanding the purpose of business an entrepreneur can focus his efforts on the right things to maximize the returns of his resources.

3. The Responsibilities Of Stewards

Every seed has the potential to become fruitful, but it does not become fruitful on its own. It needs a good farmer to bring out its potential. In the same way, every business has the potential to become profitable, but it does not become profitable on its own. It needs an entrepreneur willing to work hard and do what is necessary to make his venture profit.

4. How To Build A Profitable Business

The essence of producing fruits is for a plant to make more food from the food it has already. In the same way, the essence of producing profit is for the business to make more money from the money it has earned.

This module explains the process an entrepreneur must develop to grow his business and make it profitable. We will also introduce a concept that will lessen the risk we need to take and grow your business exponentially.

5. Essential Traits Of Entrepreneurs

Business grows because of its abilities, or roots, and not because of money. On the other hand, abilities are composed of two components, namely skills and character. We can learn skills in schools, but character is something you need to develop consciously. Skills are useless if a person does not have the proper character to complement them.

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