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Entrepreneur’s Journey: Level Up

Managing People & Managing Finances

When people ask me what are the most important abilities they need to develop to build a profitable business? I tell them - managing people and managing finances. 

While the Entrepreneur’s Journey To Fruitfulness aimed to help, people develop an entrepreneurial mindset, the Entrepreneur’s Journey: Level Up Program aims to help them manage these operational concerns - people and money. I will share my unique approach to managing my people and the money in our businesses. 


Anybody involved in business will benefit from this program, whether you are a business owner or a corporate manager.

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Some of the things that I will discuss in this program are:

  • Everyone wants to do a good job nobody wants to fail. When they fail, they either do not know their job or are in the wrong job.

  • Leadership is about bringing people from where they are to where you want them to be. It is about helping them to succeed because what do you succeed they will help you succeed in return.

  • Unity is important! According to the book of Luke, a kingdom divided against itself will not stand but fall.

  • The essence of building a profitable business he's to make more money from the money you have already therefore you must give your focus on building wealth on top of went.

This is made up of five zoom-based lessons designed to be delivered one lesson a week. This gives the participants a week to ponder on what they have learned and discuss these with others in small group meetings. The lessons in this program are:

  1. Understanding People

  2. Managing An Organization

  3. Being A Good Leader

  4. Creating Wealth Thru Business

  5. Managing An Enterprise’s Finances


1. Understanding People.

HP taught me, "Everybody wants to do a good job; nobody wants to fail." But is this applicable to everybody, even those difficult to manage? This lesson will explain how to bring out your people's full potential by walking with them and addressing their unmet needs.

2. Managing an Organization.

For a business to achieve its full potential, everyone must share the same mind and pursue the same purpose. A leader must learn how to build a safe environment so that every member can excel. Bible says, "A kingdom divided against itself will not stand," but a united organization can do the impossible.

3. Becoming a Good Leader.

Most people are accidental leaders. They were asked to lead others when they had done their jobs well. But being excellent in a job is very different from leading people, it does not prepare a person for this challenging responsibility. This lesson will explain the abilities you need to develop to become successful as a leader.

4. Creating Wealth thru Business.

Wealth is not something you should look for; but something you create. This is why those who accidentally find gold, or win in lotto, eventually lose their money, because they have not developed the ability to make and grow wealth. This lesson will teach you how to create wealth that lasts.

5. Managing an Enterprise's Finances.

Do you enjoy reading financial statements? I don't! Because these reports only tell me what I did wrong and do not help me prevent them. To avoid making financial mistakes, I created a system to protect our money, but this is based on accepted the accounting principles. This is a set of disciplines to steadily grow the money we have in the enterprise.

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