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Employee's Journey To Fruitfulness

Most people believe that nobody gets rich by being an employee and that employment is just a necessary recourse for those with no other options. They fail to see that some of today's wealthiest people started as employees. What these people learned from their employment became the foundation of their existing businesses.

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This program shows that no employee should be poor because they own the essential tool for getting rich— a regular income, also called salary. The only reason why most employees are poor is they do not know how to protect their salaries. They do not know that they can use it to create
opportunities to make them rich if they save.

This program is designed to be sponsored by the company. How will a company benefit from this program? If employees see that their jobs can help them achieve their financial aspirations, they will stay; thus preventing high turnovers. If an employee is happy, he will focus and then excel. 

This is made up of four zoom-based lessons designed to be delivered one lesson a week. This gives the participants a week to discuss what they have learned in small group meetings. The lessons in this program are:

  1. The Purpose Of Business

  2. The Responsibilities of a Salesman

  3. How To Create Wealth Thru Employment

  4. How To Manage Personal Finance


1. Purpose Of Business.

Most employees see their jobs as just a means to earn to spend on the things they want, not necessarily on things they need. Many do not realize that their jobs give them the power to build a secured future. But this can only happen if they approach their jobs with the proper mindset and the right attitude.

2. The Responsibilities of Stewards.

To build a fruitful future, employees must protect the source of their salary, which is the company they work for. To do this, they must work as co-stewards of the company and realize that their long-term success depends on the success of the business they serve. Stewards have responsibilities to live out to grow the opportunities entrusted to them.

3. How To Create Wealth.

In Deuteronomy 15:4 God said, “...there will be no poor among you.” If this is true, then why are there many poor employees? This only happens when they do not understand how to create wealth correctly and manage their salaries properly.

4. How To Manage Finances.

The essence of becoming fruitful is for a plant to make more food from the food it has produced. In the same way, the essence of creating wealth is to make more money from the money we have earned. Employees must learn how to get the most from their salaries by managing their finances properly. This module will show the steps they need to take to use their income to build a fruitful future for themselves.

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