Blog Do you know that when you stop working, you start spending?

Do you know that when you stop working, you start spending?

Do you know that when you stop working, you start spending? People have been demanding lesser working hours so that they can have more time for themselves, not realizing that this will be detrimental to their finances. They only want to work 8 hours per day and get excited when holidays come because these give them the chance to pursue their other interests. But whenever this happens, I feel sad because I know they will soon not have enough to save and invest.

There was a time when most countries in Europe demanded a 4-day work week so that they can have 3 days to rest and enjoy themselves. The world watched with envy and hoped that the model would work so that other countries could follow suit. Today, many countries in Europe are bankrupt and I believe that this is one of the reasons why. By working only 4 days in a week, they ended up spending more than what they were earning. Only countries like Germany survived because they believe hard work is important in sustaining their economy.

Why don’t we have more to save so that we can invest in stocks or business? It is because most Filipinos want to work only 8 hours a day so that they can spend 4 hours to enjoy themselves. By doing so, they end up spending what they earned in 8 hours during the 4 hours they want to rest. Then they also want to work only 5 days a week, and so end up spending the rest of their salary in the last two days of the week.

Am I suggesting that we be a slave to work? Of course not! I am a person who want to enjoy many things in life too. But I will enjoy them as a reward and not as a habit. Do you want to have more to save and invest? Then, be willing to work more so that you will spend less. “A hard worker has plenty of food, but a person who chases fantasies ends up in poverty.” Proverbs 28:19