“My desire is that people would all experience breakthroughs in their lives and in their businesses. We hope to explain how God wants us to do business and how to develop the entrepreneur spirit in all of us. This does not necessarily aim to make everyone business owners, but desires to help everyone approach their work with the heart of an entrepreneur so that we can all succeed in life.”

As a Farmer & a Business Man

He is the founder and head of Semilya Sa Kinabuhi, a foundation that teaches a unique approach to business. He uses the plant to explain how a business grows and develops, and the Bible as the main reference for managing it..


My Books

Dodong Cacanando has authored three books, wherein he shares his amazing journey through life and the principles he uses in making his businesses fruitful.

Book 1: Breaking Through: A Man’s Journey to Fruitfulness
Book 2: Keeper of His Garden: Breakthrough Principles in Life and Business
Book 3: Creating Wealth & Managing Finances



Let’s hear from their experiences...

Renato A. Vergel De Dios
President & CEO, BDO Life

“Sometime in 2014, BDO Life (then Generali Philippines) took note of Dodong Cacanando and his powerful book, Breaking Through A Man’s Journey to Fruitfulness. Three year later, in July 2017, we finally connected with Dodong, with a desire for him to address our sales force on “fruitfulness”. Why ask a farmer to speak to a team of high-performing life insurance sales people? As it turns out, selling is no different from farming. Both subscribe to the time-tested Biblical principle of sowing and reaping. Using farming as an analogy for selling, Dodong exploded various farming myths while sharing numerous planting truths.

He spoke about the need to prepare the soil, plant a good seed, invest time in growing the plant, and let its roots grow deep.
A good farmer focuses on growing the tree, not on harvesting the fruit. Dodong drove home this mindset at BDO Life.
A good life insurance sales person cultivates a healthy learning attitude, sharpens his knowledge and skills, devotes time to build client relationships, by remaining focused on his purpose. Rarely do we find a speaker who will diligently study his audience, take pains to tailor his talk to their specific needs and to capture the spirit of their organization. This is what makes Dodong’s talk memorable to BDO Lifers. He speaks from the heart – the heart of a farmer who wishes to reproduce good farmers. Dodong has left a lasting imprint in an organization that aspires to develop fruitfulness in its sales force. Indeed, Dodong has planted a good seed in the fertile soil of BDO Life.”


Rex Ma. A. Mendoza
President & CEO, Rampver Financials

I’ve had the rare privilege of sharing the speaking stage with Dodong Cacanando a number of times. I heard raves about the person, but those soon turned into understatements as I listened to him and saw him in action. He presents his concepts, principles and experiences in simple and easily understood terms. He connects in such a solid manner that lessons picked up and learned can easily be applied not just in business, but in life in general. The manner by which he weaves spirituality into his message makes his audience immediately discern his alignment with God, His purpose, and His way.

This said, my respect for the man further intensified as I traveled with him and saw him in casual, everyday real life situations. He is the same person onstage, and he puts his words into action on a day to day basis. He meekly presents himself as the lowly probinsiyano, but he has far greater depth, acumen, and wisdom than some CEOs and entrepreneurs I’ve met. His humility and spirituality wield awesome influence. This person, who I now consider a true friend, has such great impact on me and my beliefs, and solidifies my commitment to the values I choose to live by in my life.He is indeed a blessing to me, my family, and many other people whose lives he has touch.


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